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This wedding dance became viral just like that! Just watch the little girl dance and you will know why

You can say a lot of things about the Romanian people, especially if you know nothing about who they really are, but you can’s say that they do not know how to dance and have a great time every chance they get.

This wedding dance became so popular not just because it is extremely hard to follow, but also special because one girl was in the center of attention. No one can say that the dances are not hard, but the Romanian dances are the hardest, having complicated steps, quick turns and spins.

This special dance can only be found in a certain region in Romania and it has a complicated choreography. When the dance started, no one expected the little girl wearing the pink skirt and white top having such an amazing potential. She leads the dance, she is the head of everybody and does an amazing job.

The man next to her is probably her father, watching carefully over her and being ready to guide her in a time of need, even though she does not need any kink of guidance because she knows how to do it with her eyes closed.

The little girl stole the attention from the first step that she took, especially because she chose to take her shoes off before the dance started, making sure that her wedding shoes will not hurt her feet.

The tradition of the dance requires that the head of the dance line to hold a white handkerchief, meaning that they are in charge, that they are the one that’s leading the dance, and, in this incredible video, the little girl is the one that holds the handkerchief, making everybody so proud of her and her little feet that can move as quick as the adults.

Romanian weddings are full of joy and happiness and seeing this king of celebrations makes our day a thousand times better. Seeing the happiness of the little girl, almost makes us want to get off our chairs and dance ourself. Do you agree?

All the guests had their eyes on the girl in the pink skirt and she was very proud of that. We must admit, the girl impressed us with her dancing skills.