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This little romanian children make the hole country proud! Watch this incredible performace

Each Romanian person carries in itself with or without his will, the music, traditions and dances that they got used to from the childhood. Romanian people are very proud of their legacy and will take it with them everywhere they go.

The children you are about to see are part of the „Dinamic” group. A lot of parents want to see their children preforming, especially if it has anything to do with the Romanian traditions and dances.

The special choreography is impressive, full of energy and good will and let the world in an awe. People will always be impressed about everything that has to do with children’s talent.

Romanian dances are very special in their own way. They are very energetic, full of spinning and quick steps that will make you dizzy if you try to keep up. Some of them are always danced at special events, such as weddings, parties and local celebrations.

Tourists that wanted to visit the beautiful country of Romania will not stop talking about the wonderful experience that Romanian people try to offer.

Romanian people are very warm people, always trying to make the best of everything. Even though, some of the people from the small countryside do not know the english language, they will try to halep you the best way that they can.

Also, Romanian parties are the best of the best, because people love to dance. Some of these dances are extremely old and they keep on being popular across the country.

Hora is one of the oldest dances from Romania. In this dance, both women and men dance in a circle, holding hands. The steps are very easy, front and back, sometimes combined with a side step.

The rhythm is binary and has a slow tempo.

Sârba is also a mix dance between men and women. Is has quick moves and a binary rhythm. The dance is usually held in a semicircle, the steps are lateral, full of energy, and the arms of the dancers are held on the shoulders of the neighbours.

Ciuleandra – this kind of dance is mostly spread to Muntenia region. The dance starts in a slow rhythm, in a bid circle, that separate in smaller circles, rotating in more alert moves.

Brâul – this dance is performed mostly by men and it is spread all across the country. The instrumental song is accompanied with the shouting of the dancers.