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This incredible Romanian dance video left everybody speechless. Watch the bride dance her shoes off in an incredible performance

Wedding are supposed to be an important event in peoples’ lifes. They are full of joy, of warm hearts, and, of course, of love.

Two people that finally decide to spend the rest of their life together under the name of God and the law, will do so in the front of their families and closest friends.

Of course, there could be no party without a dance floor, great music and party guests that won’t stop dancing all night. This is the recipe to a good weeding. The way that guests feel is easily seen through the dance numbers.

If people dance the whole night, that the party is great, no matter the food or the drinks.

So, this wedding party that you are about to see in absolutely incredible. The bride and her friends dance in an incredible performance, a choreography that only the professionals can reproduce.

They know the steps perfectly, and the women and men are synchronized in a perfect way, they are happy and full of energy. The dance in itself it is not easy, and we can all see how happy the bride is being in the center of attention with her closest friends.

This kind of dance is very special to Romanian people who love a good party, especially a wedding celebration. Nobody can say no to a wedding, right? So, the party guests took advantage and danced the night away.

Tradition is very important to the Romanian people and a wedding has plenty of it. From the first minute of a wedding day, the couple must follow tradition, starting with the getting ready process of the bride and groom, where they are taking care of separately. Then, the groom goes to the godfather’s house so they could all go together at the bride’s house.

Meanwhile, the bride gets ready and she must dance next to three fountains from the village (if the wedding takes place in the countryside) with her closest young friends, allowing the villagers to see her and her wedding dress. People get to drink for free and receive gifts.

The bride must hide and the groom must find her and, if he does so, then they will go to the church where the priest performs an emotional ceremony.

The party traditions are the most fun, especially the dances and the steeling of the bride. The groom’s friends steal the bride and only take her back in exchange of alcohol and funny requests.